During January 2018, Jackie wrote; “I am writing a letter of reference for PETenderLove, who provided my male Boxer (Remington) with pet care services for nearly two years (up until he passed away this past September 2017).  As a single pet-parent, who’s profession is a practicing Nurse Anesthetist, my long hours and call weekends at the hospital necessitated my need for pet care services.

PETenderLove always demonstrated a positive, gentle and respectful attitude during their care of Remington.  There was never a dog walk that I did not get either a video, multiple pictures and a detailed map of their walks.

PETenderLove provided excellent care and decision making for Remington, protecting and keeping him safe at all times for me.

PETenderLove was a pleasure to communicate with, has great work ethics and was always cooperative when it came to the safety and well-being of Remington. In addition, it should be noted that PETenderLove’s overall dependability was outstanding. In the near two years we worked together, not once didPETenderLove cancel their services.

PETenderLove’s reliability was invaluable and I always came home to a happy Boxer.”

I give you this recommendation knowing that Fifi will, undoubtedly, provide your clients and their fur babies with the excellence of care that they deserve.
Mr. Remington - The SkyHouse,