During January 2018, Jackie wrote; “I am writing a letter of reference for PETenderLove, who provided my male Boxer (Remington) with pet care services for nearly two years (up until he passed away this past September 2017).  As a single pet-parent, who’s profession is a practicing Nurse Anesthetist, my long hours and call weekends at the hospital necessitated my need for pet care services.

PETenderLove always demonstrated a positive, gentle and respectful attitude during their care of Remington.  There was never a dog walk that I did not get either a video, multiple pictures and a detailed map of their walks.

PETenderLove provided excellent care and decision making for Remington, protecting and keeping him safe at all times for me.

PETenderLove was a pleasure to communicate with, has great work ethics and was always cooperative when it came to the safety and well-being of Remington. In addition, it should be noted that PETenderLove’s overall dependability was outstanding. In the near two years we worked together, not once didPETenderLove cancel their services.

PETenderLove’s reliability was invaluable and I always came home to a happy Boxer.”

I give you this recommendation knowing that Fifi will, undoubtedly, provide your clients and their fur babies with the excellence of care that they deserve.
Mr. Remington - The SkyHouse,

During January 2018, Tristen wrote, “PETenderLove has taken care of my dog for two years now.  Their have always gone above and beyond for me. PETenderLove has been flexible with my ever-changing work and flight schedules, and has always been prompt responding to my queries and needs. PETenderLove always spends extra time with my dog and makes sure she is well cared for while I am gone.”

Lucy - Grand Central,

During October 2017, Becky wrote, “I’m a huge fan of PETenderLove.  They make my life so much easier.  They are professional,  quick to respond and they provide everything you need, including a consent form to give to your apartment/condo office.  Plus, they bill electronically so I don’t have to worry about leaving cash.  That’s just the paperwork side of pet-sitting.  It is clear that PETenderLove has a true love for all animals.  They come over to care for my two cats when I’m out of town.  They send pictures and videos which really gives me peace of mind.  Yesterday they sent a video of my usually shy, senior cat rolling around on the floor like a teenager and that just made me smile!”


Judy & Wally - The Slade,

During September 2017, Cheryl & Chris wrote, “Where to start.  I cannot thank PETenderLove enough for caring for our cats while we were gone for 10 days!  We left 2 days before Irma (planned vacation) I always promised our girls we would never leave them behind in a storm…and there we stood, leaving them in a Category 5 headed to FL. We watched from Spain as BBC talked 24/7 about the destruction headed to our pets. PETenderLove not only cared for our two girls during this time, they also cared for our home and prepared it for this storm. They sent daily updates and photos along with sweet videos! Lilly – she loves everyone and is brave. Sugar – well, she’s my special gal. She was a bit of a brat and PTL out in extra effort to make her feel safe and loved! They both need daily medication and PTL was there rain or shine! God sent them to us as a gift for sure! I would highly recommend PTL to anyone – they are truly amazing!”


Lilly & Sugar - The Fitzgerald,