Q?Are you accepting new clients (PETs) in the Channel District?

YES !!

We currently have a comfortable and regular but flexible schedule of 4-legged furry friends (Monday thru Friday, 7am – 7pm) however, it really depends on your exact needs and what flexible times/services you are looking for?  We are very selective on our clients but we do have one opening (beginning on April 1, 2018).

Please note: We are no longer doing pet sitting for clients away from home (overnight).  Our primary focus is on Mon-Fri dog walking (1 to 2 walks per day)

Our current daily dog walking/pet sitting focus is for our VIP clients in the Towers of Channelside, Pier House, Victory LoftsSkyHouse Channelside, The Slade, The Fitzgearld Channelside, and Grand Central at Kennedy.  Basically up and down Channelside Drive, 12th & 11th Street and Meridian Drive in the Channel District (1 square mile on the SE side of downtown Tampa).

Please send an email to PET@PETenderLove.com and/or fill out the contact us form so we can schedule a meet & greet to discuss a win-win and your specific needs.

Once we review your email, if we feel that another dog walker/pet sitter is a better fit for you and your best friend, we will put you in contact with another local and reputable dog walker in the Tampa Bay area that we network with.

FYI, we do have a long term established working relationship with select dog walkers in South Tampa and some will provide PETenderLove, inc a min of $50 (finder fee), should you hire them or us as a regular scheduled dog walker.

Please note that this finder fee is actually a donation (in the name of PETenderLove, inc) to many local rescue organizations and shelters in the Tampa Bay area.  So in other words, the finder fee is actually a gift with the goal in mind to help pay it forward, to give our animal world more bench strength, and a mature voice from those serving all of our 4-legged furry friends in the Tampa Bay area and beyond…woof woof an meow!

Alternatively, for your investigation and review, here is one company’s Expert view on the best dog walkers in Tampa Bay.  Thank you to others who are helping care for all our 4-legged furry friends!

Q?What companies do you recommend for Traveling with Pets?

Recently PETenderLove connected with a great web site called TripsWithPets.  So if you travel with your pet check out their listing of Pet Friendly Hotels and Travel options!

Q?PETenderLove, inc Service Agreement (updated Jan 2017)

Pet Sitting /Dog Walking Service Agreement between Business Owner of PETenderLove, inc and Client

For the purposes of this document, the terms Client or Pet Owner are synonymous with the person contracting services for one or more domestic animals. PETenderLove, inc, PTL, PTL86, PTL99, TSS PETenderLove, Dog walker, or PET sitter are synonymous with the pet care company providing care for the Client below.

PETenderLove, inc provides services to the Pet Owner/Client below which includes, but is not limited to: dog walking, transporting, and feeding and caring for pets.

This agreement is entered into by and between the Scholl’s, Owner(s) of PETenderLove, inc and ______________________________________, Client of PETenderLove, inc.  Client desires to engage PETenderLove, inc and its contracted pet sitters and dog walkers to provide pet care and agrees to the terms below:

Injury to Client animal(s) by another animal(s):
PETenderLove, inc and its contracted staff will not be responsible for any animal(s) that instigate fights with other animals or is injured by another animal while in PETenderLove, inc care. PETenderLove, inc will take all appropriate actions to ensure that Client’s animal(s) are not placed in the company of aggressive or violent animals and/or will immediately remove Client’s animal(s) from any animal fight.

Injury or escape of animals:
Client and sitter are aware that the highest level of care shall be given to any and all pets under care of the pet sitter employed by PETenderLove, inc. Client is aware that pet(s) are instinctual in nature and not always controllable by the sitter even when the highest level of care is provided. Should the Client’s animal(s) run away or be injured, the Client agrees that PETenderLove, inc will not be responsible for any liability. The above waiver of liability in favor of PETenderLove, inc shall not apply or be effective if PETenderLove, inc conduct in providing its pet care services is found to be grossly negligent, reckless, or if there is intentional misconduct.

Injury to Pet Sitter or another person by Client’s Animal(s):
Client will be responsible for all medical expenses and damages resulting from an injury to pet sitter or other persons by the Client’s pet(s). Client agrees to pay the full cost of any and all medical expenses and damages should they arise to the PETenderLove, inc pet sitter or the pet sitter’s possessions as a result of the Client’s animal(s) actions. Client agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend PETenderLove, inc in the event of a claim by any person injured by the Client’s pet(s).

Unsafe Pet(s):
This service agreement permits PETenderLove, inc to use discretion to stop and end service at any time that Client’s pet(s) pose a danger to the safety and health of itself, other pets, other people or PETenderLove, inc sitters/walkers.

Off-leash Dog(s):
Some of our Clients may request off-leash activity and play for their dog(s). Client is aware and agrees that the Client’s dog(s) may be off-leash in designated dog parks and other legal-for-dogs areas (e.g. fire roads, etc.) in order to provide maximum exercise and play for Client’s dog(s). Client agrees that should the Client’s dog(s) run away or be injured during the off-leash hike and play time, neither PETenderLove, inc nor walkers/sitters will be held liable for any damages resulting to people or other animals or to the Client’s dog(s).

The exception to dogs being voluntarily off-leash under PETenderLove, inc care would be if Client initials the line below:

________I do NOT want my dog(s) to be off-leash at any point during the dog walk, hike or playtime.  Also, PETenderLove, inc will not walk any dogs using the retractable leashes during any PETenderLove dog walks.  These leashes are at great risk to dogs walking in high traffic city areas.  PETenderLove only uses short leashes as a professional dog walker.

Payment Policy / Cancellation Policy:
All payment for dog walking or pet sitting is due on first day of service. We accept credit cards, (via Fresh Books), local checks or cash. By signing this service agreement, Client agrees to the PETenderLove, inc cancellation policy as stated on the web site www.PETenderLove/FAQ, which is as follows:

For extended weekends or pet sitting payments made in advance to hold a dog walking spot; 8 or more days’ notice for cancellation prior to reservation: FULL REFUND GIVEN TO CLIENT. 4-7 days’ notice for cancellation: 50 % OF TOTAL FEE REFUNDED TO CLIENT. 3 or fewer days’ notice for cancellation: NO REFUND GIVEN TO CLIENT; FULL RESERVATION FEE WILL BE CHARGED TO CLIENT.

Early Return to Home or Late Departure from Home:
Reservations are made to plan for sitter availability for Client’s reservation dates. Therefore, Clients returning home early or departing later than the reservation will be required to pay for the full reservation amount of time, regardless of whether Client returned home early or departed later than the prior reservation scheduled. No amount of money will be refunded to Client for early returns to home or late departures from home by Client after a reservation date has been agreed upon.

Last-Minute Fee (LMF):
Client agrees to pay a $50 last-minute fee (LMF) to PETenderLove, inc for any reservations that need to be set up with sitters/walkers within less than 48 hours (2 days).

Dog Walking Cancellation Policy:
Regular monthly dog walk Clients agree to give two (2) weeks’ notice should Client decide to discontinue regular ongoing dog walking service. If Client cannot or does not give two (2) weeks’ notice, Client agrees to compensate PETenderLove, inc for what would have been the total for two weeks of regular dog walking service. PETenderLove, inc agrees that should Client discontinue service due to blatantly poor care/service from walker for any reason, then this two (2) week notice addendum will not be enforced by PETenderLove, inc.

Solicitation of PETenderLove, inc Walkers:
Client agrees that the pet sitter/dog walker provided by PETenderLove, inc is employed through PETenderLove, inc and is contracted to work only through PETenderLove, inc and not directly through the individual Client listed above. Client agrees that all reservations for present and future sitting and dog walking must be made through PETenderLove, inc and not the individual sitter./walker Client is aware that the PETenderLove, inc walker may give out his/her personal number to the Client. Client agrees to use this number only in the event of an emergency during which the sitter/walker is already employed directly through PETenderLove, inc for Client. Client agrees that this number shall not be used for any solicitation of future pet sitting or dog walking. Client is aware that should this service agreement be broken, legal fees and misuse-of-staff charges will apply. All communications will be via 813-713-5785. If required, we will also check PTL Facebook messages and/or email’s to PET@PETenderLove.com

Client Home Care Needs:
PETenderLove, inc is not responsible for wilted, dead or otherwise unhealthy plants. PETenderLove, inc sitters will work hard to follow written instructions as precisely as possible, but cannot be responsible if the results are not favorable to the Client. Please place all indoor plants together on a waterproof surface in plain sight as your pet sitter is not responsible for water-damaged areas or missed plants.

PETenderLove, inc is not responsible for damage to the home beyond the control of the sitter. This includes, but is not limited to: electrical problems, leaks, and acts of nature. All repairs to home and related fees will be paid by Client or fully reimbursed to PETenderLove, inc within five (5) calendar days of Client’s return date.

PETenderLove, inc is not responsible for any damage to the property or home of the Client unless such damage is caused by the negligent act of PETenderLove, inc.

PETenderLove, inc is not liable for any loss or damage in the event of a burglary or other crime that should occur while under this service agreement. Client agrees to secure home prior to leaving the premises. PETenderLove, inc will attempt to re-secure the home according to Client instructions at the end of each visit.

Client is responsible for pet-proofing house and yard and security fences/gates/latches. PETenderLove, inc will not be responsible for the safety of the pet(s) and will not be liable for the death, injury, disappearance or legal consequences of any pet(s) with unsupervised access to the outdoors or if Client has not initialed the section on this service agreement in regard to unleashed care of Client’s dog(s).

Pet Illness/Veterinary Care/Restocking supplies
Client is aware and agrees to the medical costs of any fees should they arise from animal(s) being ill or otherwise needing veterinary care. Client agrees to pay PETenderLove, inc the sum of $40/per hour should the sitter need to take the pet(s) to vet. If the sitter needs to restock supplies that the Client agrees to provide but that are not provided at the time of the sit (such as pet food or medication), Client agrees to pay PETenderLove, inc a $40/restocking fee.

The terms of this service agreement apply to all pets owned by the Client, including any and all new pets that the Client obtains on or after the date that this service agreement was signed, at any and all locations the Client designates for service.

By signing below and/or e-mailing a written agreement to the terms of PETenderLove, inc, the Client agrees that he/she has read this agreement in its entirety and fully understands and accepts its terms and conditions.

I have read the above and by signing below, I agree to the conditions listed above:

Client Signature _______________________________________________________________________

Print Client Name______________________________________________________________________ Date ____/_____/______

PETenderLove, inc, Owner_____________________________________________ The Scholl’s
Date _____/_____/______

Q?What are your Hours of Operation and do you charge for Overtime?

We walk dogs every Monday thru Friday from 7am to 7pm.  Like most business owners and Farmers who are outstanding in their field – we follow the SONrise and SONSet

You will always have a excellent, positive off the shelf, and productive day when you wake-up at 5am to welcome in God’s positive universe – From the Laminin molecule in every human body (&4-legged furry friend body) to the M51 Whirlpool Galaxy at the center of the universe over 20 Million light years away from Earth.

Fo our VIP customers we charge a min of $100 (per 24 hours) for house/pet sitting.  Offering you true peace of mind while your pet remains in his own home.  We guarantee a minimum of 3 walks each day (am, noon, pm).

Outside of business hours (Sat, Sun and/or before 7am and after 7pm) we require a firm $10 surcharge for every 30 min outside our normal business hours.

Q?Can you provide and references or reviews of your service?

YES !!

We have 100% customer satisfaction since 2008.  Reviews and Testimonials can be seen on our web site, Facebook business page, and/or Yelp!

We have zero tolerance for any drama, customer conflicts, and/or problems with 4-legged furry friends that could impact our professional dog walking services.  Our focus is the health and safety our your 4-legged furry friend.

We are also active members(#44) of the Tampa Downtown Business Watch

Q?Do you accept last min reservation?


Since our client based has expanded over several years, we can no longer accept last min reservations.  We need as much advanced planning as possible to provide our  boutique type VIP services via this PAWesome duo (husband and wife team)

If a schedule conflict happens, we give first priority to our long standing and valued VIP clients in the PTL Club.  Extra fees could be negotiated if arrangements can be made between our team and one (vs two) care takers that could do a quality visit and walk.

Extra Fees (Min $20 visit) will apply if PETenderLove has to perform extra visits or extra efforts to locate missing keys or if door is lock, etc.

If we agree to accept a last min walk, we would charge a min of $5 per walk per dog/cat.  Extra fees may apply depending on the inconvenience and what other schedules we have to re-arrange to accommodate any last min requests.  Our focus is always first on the care of your pet and his/her well being.

Last-Minute Fee (LMF): Per our PETenderLove Service Agreement, the Client agrees to pay a $50 last-minute fee (LMF) to PETenderLove, inc for any reservations that need to be set up with sitters/walkers within less than 48 hours (2 days).  This also applies to 1st time customers depending on the situation of once, twice or potential regular/repeat customer visits as discussed during the 1st Meet & Greet and/or documented in our PTL Service Agreement


Q?Do you provide day care and overnight pet sitting?

NO, we are not able to provide pet sitting in our home.

Also, we no longer provide normal in-home dog walking services (pet sitting) while you are away assuming the dog(s) or cat(s) are ok sleeping alone at night or being separated for long periods of time.  Older dogs/cats can usually handle this better.

However, we strongly suggest boarding your pet and/or working with a service that provides a min of 60 min in the early am, 30 min at noon and 60+ min at night to ensure no separation anxiety and/or illness.

Keeping a pet in a create for over 6+ hours per day is not healthy or a good idea



Q?Is PETenderLove available 365 days of the year (2017)?

NO, we take several vacations each year and give our clients several months of advanced notice for their planning and to ensure proper care for our 4-legged furry friends.

2018 Vacations; 2/24 – 2/26 (Mom’s 98th b-day-Ind Farm), 7/1 – 7/7 (July 4th family holiday), 9/28 – 10/1 (18th Wedding Anniv-Boston), 11/18-11/24 (Thanksgiving-Ind Farm), 12/23-12/31 (Christmas)  Also, we have elderly mothers (Indiana & Boston) that may require our help at the last minute notice for a min of 2-3 days away from Tampa.

The Scholl “Family of T&SS” (FoToS) is growing everyday (31+ people, 9 kids, 6 spouses/weddings, 16 grandkids – 8G & 6B, 2 in the oven, 1 in heaven leading the way) and God is in control because HIS Love covers a multitude of imperfections in each one of our lives…2018+ our children are a true gift from God!

Q?Do you take advanced reseravtions and is a deposit required?


We like to have as much advanced notice as possible so we can plan our schedules.  We give first priority to existing VIP clients in the PTL club and then on a first come first serve basis by depoist.

YES, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit for reservations 1 week to several months out.  The deposit will be applied to your regular service fees.

Note: Last minute (when you are out of town) visits the next day will start at a min $50 surcharge to ensure we can re-arrange our schedules to provide the best care for your dog.


Q?Do you have a surcharge for Holidays?

YES, we charge a flat $50 surcharge to your bill for holiday weekends (New Year Eve, New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Mothers and Fathers Day weekends, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day)

Our focus is spend family holidays with our large blended family of 9 kids and 12 Grandkids.  Since we work long hours Monday thru Friday (7am-7pm), we try our very best to re-charge our energy on Sat & Sun so we can give the best care possible care and attention to our 4-legged furry friends!

Q?What type of payments do you accept and when is payment due?

We accept Visa and Master card via Fresh BooksPayPal (PET@PETenderLove.com or use the quantity 1 off our web site with the agreed to payment on your invoice), Square, Cash, Check or even ACD deposits for regular weekly or monthly VIP clients.

Payment is due on the first day of service, for that day and any other multiple visits.  If all the visits are not used then you will receive a credit for a dog walk in the future.

Extra Fees (Min $20 visit) will apply if PETenderLove has to perform extra visits or extra efforts to locate missing keys or if door is lock, etc.

NO cash refunds once we agree on the invoice for services.  However, our policy is 100% customer satisfaction and total win-win for the 4 legged furry friend, the client and PETenderLove, Inc.


Q?Will PETenderLove protect my right to Privacy?

PETenderLove respects each individual’s right to personal privacy and your privacy is important to us. The pics and video’s we take could be used on various social media to help advertise PETenderLove value added services in the Tampa Waterfront and Channel Districts and venues around downtown Tampa in zip code 33602, including Harbour Island, the Amalie Arena, Marriott Waterside, and the Embassy Suites.

Q?Why hire PETenderLove, Inc ?

PETenderLove, Inc (PTL Services start at $20/visit):

We are the Channel District’s Very Own Professional Pet Lovers.  We are committed not only to each other, but to loving all your 4-legged furry friends, too!  Dog walking since 2008, this is not only our career, but has truly become our lifestyle: we can’t imagine life without man’s best friends!  Our boutique style business allows us to concentrate fully on your pets, giving each animal the full attention they deserve.

We offer our clients peace of mind by being fully licensed, insured, certified professional pet sitter (CPPS) and bonded in the care of their dogs or cats. We are completely committed to providing a wonderful, healthy, happy, and fun atmosphere for your pet. Think of PETenderLove as a loving extension of your PAWesome family.

Walking several miles each weekday on various routes, your pet is sure to work off all his energy and have the time of his life!  In close proximity to four different dog parks, our VIP clients will get two PETgivers, allowing your pup to run around carefree while been safely supervised!  PETenderLove offers your puppy a healthy lifestyle; full of fun and exercise, all while out enjoying the downtown urban look and feel of Tampa.

We know how much you can miss your pet while away, even just when at the office for the day, so we offer virtual dog walk maps (Diary Picture Texts, FaceTime, GPS, Skype, MapMyDogWalk, and Video Stories).  This extensive communications shows where we’ve taken your pet and how much fun and exercise their are enjoying during the time with PETenderLove.

We are a very active couple in Tampa Bay, members of the Channel District Urban Professional Society (CUPS), the Channel District Community Alliance (CDCA), FitBits, MapMyDogWalk, MyFitnessPal, Pet Sitters International (PSI).

Our quotes vary on your pets needs, so please contact us to let us know how we can best serve you.  We specialize in weekday services and are within walking distance to all our clients (CDCA, CUPS & PTL) in downtown Tampa (Channel District 33602)

We guarantee to spoil and love your pet just as if they were our very own!

Angle’s List (PETenderLove)

Q?What is included in your $20 visits?

Each visit lasts 20-30 min and includes a dog walk (or cat sitting), pee/poo (or litter change), water, food (if required), text on details of the visit, that most likely will be included with pictures, video clip, and/or MapMyDogWalk GPS tracking (make PETenderLove a friend).

However, the length of the visit really depends on each dog, what they can handle, the weather and a many other last min factors that can come up in multi-tenant buildings, etc.

Most dogs can not walk a mile once or twice each day.  We can walk a mile in 15-20 min.  If  it rains we limit the outside time depending what the dog can handle.

The main intent is to pee, poo and provide an opportunity for regular daily exercise for your pet.  All walks/visits are tracked via MapMyDogWalk iPhone app.  You can watch us live on the walks or get a map of our walk after each visit.

We also have a price schedule for 45 min and 60 min visits to ensure no separation anxiety during daily pet sitting assignments.

Please note: We are no longer doing pet sitting for clients away from home (overnight).  Our primary focus is on Mon-Fri dog walking (1 to 2 walks per day)

All of these details and more can be discussed and agreed upon during our 1st meet & greet, and to confirm we are the best dog walker/pet sitter for you and your 4-legged furry friend.