Certified Professional Pet Sitter

CPPS - PSI - Pet Sitters International

We have a passion for all pets, a deep commitment to professional and personal improvement in our life's and in our business.

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PET First Aid

and CPCR Certification

Living in the downtown Tampa area, we want to be prepared for any last minute emergency during a dog walk, therefore we stay up to date on PET first aid.

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the Yellow Lab Retriever

When I lived in Huntington Beach, I got a new puppy from South Dakota, named "Olivia Kay" (born on my birthday). I had 10 years of fun and 4-legged love from Olivia!

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the Tortoiseshell

A rescue cat (named after Grammy, age 96) gave us and many others 14 spectacular years and was the oldest patient at the Hyde Park Vet.

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the Cockapoo

What a great dog to grow up with and Tippy (Cocker Spaniel Poodle Mix) kept me PAWesome company thru my teenage years until I left for the US Navy

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my first dog was a mutt

One of the most lovable and funny dogs, she always attempted to hide her food in hopes for more mailman doggy treats

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and improving the breed

In order for your dog to remain man's best friend, you need to exercise your dog every single day. PETenderLove is here to help make sure you get the love you and your dog deserve

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The most

reputable DOG walker

We enjoy the Florida SONshine and it always brings a smile to our face to walk with all our 4-legged friends.

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the purity of the breed

Since diversity is the true spice in life, we have enjoyed meeting a variety of dogs around our neighborhood. We always stop to say hello and ask details about the dog's name, breed and history of man's best 4 legged friend.

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Our Services – Made in the USA!

We “LIVE” in the Channel District (downtown Tampa 33602), we both “WORK” from home, we walk, and “PLAY” in the city every day.  We have a passion for all pets and we have a deep commitment to professional and personal improvement in our life’s and our business.

We are both  Certified Professional Pet Sitters (CPPS) through Pet Sitters International (PSI).  If you see us out and about, please say hello and we love getting to know your 4-legged best friend…woof woof meow!

We live by the motto of 10,000 steps every day and we truly enjoy walking so many different types of PAWesome dogs and caring for your furry cats too!  You can track our walks by making PETenderLove a friend via MapMyDogWalk  iPhone mobile App!

We all have very busy lives and since we have a true love for dogs (and cats), we wanted to provide a service to the Channel District by keeping every dog we meet, happy, healthy (via exercise) and enjoying the downtown Tampa waterfront and urban scene.

PETenderLove is here to help our VIP clients and CDCACUPS members too, by loving on their dog or cat while they are away.  We provide real time texting (pics & video’s) and live GPS tracking via the iPhone MapMyDogWalk, during all dog walks for your enjoyment and peace of mind too!  For extended visits we also offer Apple FaceTime and Skype video calls


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